Because the only thing that matters are the results.

Annie Kallis

“Patrick was born to influence others with his leadership and with who he is. He is relentless in his pursuit of making an impact in other people’s lives. He is genuine, honest and authentic and you will never regret working with him as it will be truly transformational!”

Jolene Wilson

“Patrick’s style of keeping things real is refreshing. He doesn’t sugar coat his messaging. That is a testament to who he is. Real. That, in turn, has reminded me to keep things real. Those around me take note of the change. Its just the beginning. Since our first meeting, things in my life have turned around tremendously as I employ a different approach and experience improved results. The inside is beginning to match the outside.”

Joe & Michelle Norman

“Pat is honest in his opinions, transparent in his actions and speaks truth in everything he does. I have been waiting for Pat to start his own coaching program because I guarantee that anyone who is willing to learn from Pat will have a major change and impact in their life for the best. We are honored to have learned from Pat but most of all we are proud to call Pat our friend.”

Precourt Enterprises

My goal is to help you discover, design and implement a path to true wealth and abundance by identifying your passions, exposing and conquering your fears, clearing the wealth blockers in life that prevent you from achieving your true potential and igniting that burning fire inside to become the leader and entrepreneurial powerhouse you were designed to be.